Goals and Values


I am Adina Morse and I’m running for school board.

I am committed to ensuring that all the students in Lawrence’s public schools are prepared to compete in our vibrant, ever-changing world.  To ensure the best possible future for our children, we need to have the best schools in the state — in academics, athletics and the arts.  To have top-ranked schools, we need to focus on Academic Excellence, Community Participation and Fiscal Transparency.

Academic Excellence:  All children and youth deserve a high quality education.  We must ensure that their educational foundation is strong, so they are prepared for today’s competitive job market, as well as the opportunities and challenges of the future.  Lawrence public schools must ensure that our college-bound students are competitive for admission to top universities.  In addition, we must prepare students for vocational and technical careers.

Community Participation:  As a school board member, I will be your voice.  I am a trained mediator, and I will bring those skills to the board, ensuring that school board decisions are informed by input from parents, teachers, community members and taxpayers.  We must all work together to solve problems that arise in ways that create new opportunities for our children.

Fiscal Transparency:  With limited resources comes great responsibility.  We must use our money wisely, and our decisions must be transparent.  We need truly collaborative solutions that serve our pressing needs and our shared values.  As a board member, I will work to maintain the transparency the board has created and ensure that the public is informed about how money is being spent.

I believe that my commitment to the Lawrence educational community, my professional skills, and my business experience will be an asset to the Lawrence School Board.  I will work hard for educational excellence, but I cannot do this alone.  I am asking for your vote and your support.

Thank You.