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I am a native of Lawrence with strong ties to our educational community.  I attended Cordley Elementary, Central Junior High School and graduated from Lawrence High School.  I hold an undergraduate and a graduate degree from KU.  I am an attorney with training in alternative dispute resolution, specifically mediation and arbitration.  My husband, Frisco, and I moved back to Lawrence six years ago to raise our children.  I currently run a small business and my husband is a physician.

Why I’m Running for School Board

I have volunteered in the public schools for the past four years.  I have seen the day-to-day impact on students, teachers and the community of school board decisions.  I would like the opportunity to serve all the children and youth of the district, and give back to my community.

I will bring a unique blend of educational and professional skills to the school board.  I bring strong collaboration and problem-solving skills learned as an attorney and mediator.  However, for the past three years, I have been the owner and operator of a successful small wardrobe consulting business.  The experience of running a small business has taught me how to accomplish important goals with limited resources.  This combination of skills and experiences will be important during the next four years.  Now is the time to work together to make our great school system the best in the state.


Adina Morse for School Board yard signs are springing up all over town!  Email us at morseforschoolboard@gmail.com to get yours!  

You may mail your campaign donations to Morse For School Board, c/o Carolyn Masinton, 2108 Inverness Drive, Lawrence, KS 66047.


3 thoughts on “About Adina

  1. Richard Heckler

    “Also during Monday’s meeting, the board will decide whether to charge the Finance Advisory Board with oversight of how bond proceeds are spent and make recommendations for the use of any underspent budgets and interest earnings.”

    I would vote no to this suggestion. I want the USD 497 BOE to be completely responsible for the bond money and how it gets spent. Should concerns arise taxpayers will want to address
    the BOE directly.

    Allowing the Finance Advisory Board to become responsible for Bond dollars might jeopardize the passing of the new bond issue.This matter is too controversial as we speak. In fact it may alter my vote on the matter.

    Dickie Heckler

    1. Adina Post author

      Hi Dickie,
      Thanks for your post. I read the article too. As I understand, it the Finance Advisory Board is a way to involve the community and seek input on how remaining bond funds, if any, should be spent. I will be at the school board meeting tonight. Adina

  2. Richard Heckler

    A perspective.

    A new teaching concept is being introduced into USD 497.

    Last night at the BOE meeting this new concept was was covered extensively. It provides avenues for students to help each other, allows more advanced students to keep moving forward and provides the time for the instructor more time for those who require additional assistance. It truly empowers the student generally speaking.

    According to videos a large number of students are displaying positive reactions to the concept. We found this approach interesting and enlightening.

    In general it allows the student to learn at their own pace. This is not a new concept by any means. However bringing it into the public school class rooms is long over due,efficient and exciting.

    Dickie Heckler